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The 5th National NDT(Ultrasound) skill competition for College Students
Release Time:09/05/2019

Relevant institutions:
In order to further enhance the theoretical and practical level of non-destructive testing technology in school students, enhance students' professional love and professional competitiveness of non-destructive testing majors, expand the social cognition and influence of non-destructive testing, and promote academic exchanges of teachers in relevant institutions and the training of high-quality skilled personnel, the China Society of Mechanical Engineering has decided to hold the non-destructive testing branch.

"The 5th National University Non-destructive Testing (Ultrasound) Skills Competition" activities, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1 Organization
Organizer: China Institute of Mechanical Engineering Non-destructive Testing Branch
Contractor: Bohai Ship Vocational College

2 Time and place of the contest

When: October 11-13, 2019 (11 th from 12-13)

Location: Bohai Ship Vocational College (29 Longxing Road, Xing City, Hulu Island City, Liaoning Province)

3 Attendance
All relevant institutions of higher learning (including undergraduate, higher vocational, higher vocational, adult colleges and universities) non-destructive testing technology-related majors in the students.

4 Method of evaluation
To participate in the institutions as a unit, through the theoretical examination and practice competition, to assess the group and personal results, and comprehensive ranking.

5 Awards
According to the competition results ranking selected the first, second, third prize and individual first, second and third prize, by the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering non-destructive testing branch issued the award certificate.

6 Registration
(1) The contest is voluntary for the participation of institutions.
(2) Each hospital (school) shall be limited to one team; it shall consist of 3 students and 1-2 instructors; and each hospital (school) shall have a leader of one person.
(3) If you intend to participate in an institution, please fill out the Registration Form for the 5th National Student Non-destructive Testing (Ultrasound) Skills Competition (see Annex, the student information is not filled in for the time being) to send the scanned copy to by May 31, 2019.

Lu Baoxuan E-mail:; contact: 15566761028
Wei Tongfeng E-mail:; Contact: 15124263500

Other matters
(1) The registration fee charged for this event: each participant charges 200 yuan for the competition, the unified arrangement of room and board for teachers and students, the cost of self-care.
(2) Event procedures and other issues to be determined after registration by the contest office to give notice, there are problems can be consulted at any time contact.

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