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Summary of minutes of the expanded meeting of the Accreditation Conference
Release Time:16/05/2018

The 2018 China Society of Mechanical Engineering Non-destructive Testing Branch Accreditation Professional Conference was successfully held in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, from April 26 to 27. The meeting was attended by 53 members of the Professional Assembly of Accreditation and relevant personnel of the Secretariat of the Society. The main agenda items for this meeting include:

1, 2017 qualification work summary;
2, March 2018 ICNDT on the Institute's accreditation system review report;
3, according to the evaluation of rectification opinions on the training centers (institutions) the current existence of the situation and the need for rectification content to put forward relevant requirements;
4, the training centers (institutions) of the recommendations, opinions and problems;
5. Other matters relating to the training examination and the views of the delegates.

Mr. Xu Yongchang, Director of the Institute's Certification Body and Director of the General Assembly of The System, first summarized and reported on the qualification of the Institute of Non-destructive Testing in 2017. Qualification work is the focus of the work of the Society. Since 2007, the Institute's accreditation system in accordance with ISO9712-2005 to carry out certification work, in 2009 the Institute accreditation system to join the EFNDT MRA EU mutual recognition system. In 2015, the Institute's accreditation system joined the ICNDT MRA International Mutual Recognition System. At present, the certification body of the Society of Non-destructive Testing conducts the certification of non-destructive testpersons in accordance with ISO9712-2012 and ISO17024-2012.

In March 2018, ICNDT sent staff to the non-destructive testing society certification body for a review, put forward a number of rectification advice. Non-destructive testing society certification body examination center and authorized training institutions need to actively in accordance with the requirements of ICNDT verification, rectification, to standardize the certification system of the Society of Non-destructive Testing.

Certification bodies require authorized training centers (institutions) to strictly implement ISO9712-2012 and ISO17024-2012 standards in accordance with the system requirements for training. In accordance with the assessment of the problems arising in the verification of the training center's work, standardization, standardization of work. There are no conditions or conditions of immaturity should be removed from the authorized training center functions, certification work has been carried out for many years, the future authorized training center serious problems are not rectification problems but directly cancelled. and so on standardized re-application of authorized training center functions.

On March 20-21, 2018, ICNDT sent Dr. Alexander Mullin (Russia), head of Working Group I (WG1), as the principal judge and Ms. Grace Liang, President of the National Air and Space Non-destructive Testing Professional Conference of Singapore, as assistant judge, According to ISO9712-2012 and ISO17024-2012, the accreditation body of the China Non-destructive Testing Society was reviewed.

The review is conducted in two days: the first day is mainly to review the system of the Institute's certification body, including quality manuals and various procedural documents. The next day, the internal audit and management review documents, as well as the authorized training center related documents, but also carried out the MT 2 weld hands actual operation examination on-site review.

At the expanded meeting of the Professional Conference on Qualification, Wang Yingxuan, Deputy Director of the Training Management Department of the Society, Deputy Director of the Institute's Certification Body, Ms. Zhu Yaqing, Director of the Decision Professional Conference, Ji Jingyuan Director of the Training and Management Department of the Society, and Zhou Jianye, Deputy Director of the Institute's Examination Center, respectively, on the ICNDT MrA review put forward a number of rectification items and other needs to explain the problem, article by article with all participants have carried out a full communication, discussion, clear corrective measures and opinions, determine the rectification time, to ensure that the rectification work under the unified and coordinated leadership of the Society to carry out in an orderly manner.

At the meeting, representatives of authorized training centres also had a free-flowing discussion on the phenomena and issues in the qualification process of concern. 

The details of this professional conference of accreditation work have been communicated to all authorized training institutions by mail.

Wang Yingyun and Ji Jingyuan
China Institute of Mechanical Engineering Non-destructive Testing Certification Institution
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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