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China nondestructive testing industry for the first time to participate in international academic activities is in August 1976, the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering group to participate in the eighth session of the world non-Destructive Testing conference held in Cannes, France. Before the line, it formed a delegation headed by Comrade Tao HengXian, Director of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Machinery and industry at that time, with the following members: Weng ShiGong, director of quality, Shantou Institute of Science and Technology, Yao Jinzhong, Shanghai Materials Institute Zhou Huaiyu, Dandong Ray Instrument Factory Zhao Jiu, aeronautical Materials research institutes Li Jiawei, HEFEI General Research Institute Kang Jiqian, Shanghai Longhua Aircraft Factory Wang Junqiang and translation, total nine people. Prior to departure, the delegation learned to examine the domestic application level and current situation of nondestructive testing technology at that time, and made adequate preparations. During the meeting, Comrade Tauchen and Mr. Coby Nike, President of the Institute of Nondestructive Testing of the Federal Republic of Germany, established a very friendly relationship. After the meeting, the exam than Nike invited to visit Germany, Germany's nondestructive testing technology is very advanced, in the international leadership position.

This participation in the World Conference and study visit is the prelude to the establishment of nondestructive testing society in China, is the preparation of a thought. 1977 Tao HengXian, the Director of salt proposed to set up a nondestructive testing society as soon as possible, which is the need for industrial development. He instructed the preparatory work to be carried out. Subsequently, a preparatory group of the Society was established in the second laboratory of the Shanghai Institute of Materials. Group split with the domestic industrial systems of enterprises, research institutes of the Joint Consultative Society of the composition of the Council, by the system recommended the relevant personnel to participate in the Council of the Society, Tao HengXian, especially pointed out that this society is not a ministry of machinery industry, but the national industrial system, local participation in the society, to be fully representative. After more than a year of preparation. Held the annual Nondestructive Testing conference in Shanghai in November 1978 and announced the establishment of the society at the same time. The annual meeting invited Mr. Coby Nike, Chairman of the Institute for Nondestructive Testing of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Mondece, Vice-President, and Mr. Shabel to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Society. This means that our nondestructive testing society was established with an international connection. This for our nondestructive testing society out of the country, into the world's non-destructive testing ranks prepared for the conditions. This cannot be attributed to the Tao HengXian and important contribution of comrade Salty's vision. 

The official name of the society is  "China Society of Mechanical Engineering nondestructive Testing Branch (the Chinese Society of NDT, abbreviation: Chsndt) " (is the China Society of Mechanical Engineering under the two level of the society), with the consent of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering, external can also be said: China nondestructive Testing Society.

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