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2018 X-ray Computer Tomography Application Technology Symposium
Release Time:31/10/2018

Autumn October, laurel flowers, maple leaves as bright as the sun, Zhongshan Mausoleum's ginkgo golden "small fan" with the wind shaking flashing gold, and sometimes the wind and leaves fall all over the golden, welcome colleagues from all over the country, October 26-28, 2018 "2018 X-ray computer tomography application technology seminar" Held successfully at Nanjing Southeast University, the conference was organized by CHSNDT, and hosted by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Southeast University, the Key Laboratory of Civil Engineering Materials in Jiangsu Province, and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Civil Engineering Materials in Jiangsu Province.

X-ray computed tomography technology is the most active field of research in ray detection technology and equipment, from 1901 - X-ray discovery, 1915 -X-ray crystal structure analysis, 1921 - Photoelectric effect, 1927 - Compton effect, 1952 - nuclear magnetic resonance, 1979 - X-ray tomography scanners, by 1994 - neutron diffraction technology contributed to the world and made at least eight Nobel Prizes, making important contributions to human progress and development.

The institute to attend the meeting were: Southeast University, Chongqing University, South China University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Nanchang HangKong University, Xi'an ShiYou University, etc., the ICCAS, IMR, IHEP, IEE, WHRSM of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Shanghai Museum Research Institute and enterprises, total 56 units, the number of representatives is 96, there were 73 students from Southeast University.

The conference was invited to report 17 times, reporting on aspiring scholars and experts in various fields. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the structural analysis of materials, dynamic testing of material performance, performance evaluation, application of X-ray CT in archaeological and cultural relics analysis and identification, defect detection of components, analysis and processing of CT images, and evaluation of image quality, especially the material research carried out by X-ray micro-nanoCT. Archaeological research results are published in international high-level journal papers. The participants agreed that a series of meetings for CT-front researchers and applications will be held regularly in the future, contributing to the application research, technical training, technical standard development, testing standards and testing norms in China. 

The conference was held successfully with the support of Professors Ding Hui, Zhang Yamei and Dr. Zhang Ping of Southeast University, the hard and fruitful work of teachers from Southeast University, and With the support of YXLON and ZEISS.

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