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The 2nd China Pan-West NDT Academic Exchange
Release Time:21/08/2018

In order to promote the development of non-destructive testing technology and industry progress in The Pan-Western region of China, we will strengthen the exchange and cooperation between professional and technical personnel of non-destructive testing in the western region, from 14 provinces and municipalities, including Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. Hosted by the Non-destructive Testing Branch and The Special Committee of the Autonomous Region Mechanical Engineering Society, the 2nd China Pan-Western Non-destructive Testing Academic Exchange, hosted by the Professional Conference of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Guizhou Province, was successfully held in Guiyang from August 8 to 10, 2017. Representatives from Guangdong and Beijing also attended.

The theme of the session was "Innovation and Development of Non-destructive Testing". Xu Yongchang, Director-General of CHSNDT, Vice Chairman of Lin Junming, Director-General of Guizhou Institute of Mechanical Engineering Du Jianping, Chairman of the Far East Non-destructive Testing Forum Qiang Tianpeng and other special guests to guide the meeting. Domestic non-destructive testing industry senior experts, scholars, engaged in non-destructive testing work in all walks of life professional and technical personnel, more than 30 manufacturers on behalf of a total of more than 330 people, in the General Assembly on the new theory of non-destructive testing, new methods, new technologies and new products to promote the application of extensive and in-depth exchanges.

This session has 106 papers, a total of 41 papers related to ultrasonic testing, covering ultrasonic phase control array, TOFD, ultrasonic imaging, magnetic telescopic, ultrasonic conduction, nonlinear ultrasound, acoustic emission and many other hot areas; Digital imaging technology research, system design and theoretical algorithms and many other aspects, this session also received welding process and detection, failure analysis, stress analysis and other aspects of 27 papers, comprehensive papers including quality control, management, overview analysis, etc. , including 9. In addition, this session also has some papers on new technologies, new methods, very widely covered a wide range of areas of non-destructive testing, in order to promote the vast number of professional and technical personnel in-depth exchanges played a good platform.

On the evening of 8 August, the agenda of the meeting was discussed and adopted at the preparatory meeting, and it was confirmed that the next session would be held in Yunnan Province in 2019. 

On August 9, at 9 a.m., the conference was opened, and the opening ceremony was presided over by Ji Gangcheng, Director-General of the Professional Conference of Non-destructive Testing in Guizhou Province. The leaders of the National Society for Non-destructive Testing and the leaders of the Guizhou Institute of Mechanical Engineering addressed the opening ceremony. The theme report of the conference was presided over by Xu Yongming of the professional conference of non-destructive testing in Guizhou Province. Professor Xia Jizhen, a senior expert on non-destructive testing, made a theme report on the development of non-destructive testing technology in China, and analyzed the trend of the development of non-destructive testing work and some problems. The AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials non-destructive testing center director He Fangcheng made a "aeronautical non-destructive testing development and outlook" report, introduced the application of new technologies in the field of aviation, new materials testing methods. With the opportunity of the construction of Guizhou Bigdata vision, Vice President Li Zhiling of Guizhou Institute of Technology made a report on "NDT-E in the Age of Big Data" and made the thinking of integrating big data with non-destructive testing, and expounded the real-time monitoring and prevention of large data processing in related active equipment. Professor Liu Fengcheng of Chongqing University introduced the theory and application of 3D imaging of micro-nanostructure ultra-micro-resolution computer. Chairman Qiang Tianpeng of the Far East Non-destructive Testing Forum summarized several hot issues in the ray detection technology of pressure-bearing equipment.

Sixteen authors of their recent research were briefed and exchanged. During the meeting, the relevant manufacturers to develop new technologies, new products for the display and introduction. During the meeting, the delegates also visited the instruments of 31 manufacturers in three sub-exhibition halls, and the factory technicians introduced their instruments and exchanged in-depth with the delegates. 

This meeting was evaluated for 18 first prize papers and 24 second prize papers. The organizing committee also awarded two articles written by Professor Xia Jizhen and Zeng Xiangzhao researchers as special awards. At the closing ceremony, the Conference awarded the award-winning papers, and thanked and recognized the services provided to the Conference by 7 university student volunteers, and Director-General Jigangcheng, on behalf of the organizers of the conference, handed over the flag to the chairman of the Yunnan Society Bao Zongchuan, the organizer of the next session. Finally, Guizhou Province, non-destructive testing professional conference Qian Hongnan announced the successful closing of the conference.

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