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2019 Professional Assembly Committee of Sound Launch Detection
Release Time:26/04/2019

From April 18 to 20, the 2019 Meeting of Members of the Professional Conference on Sound Launch Detection was successfully held in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. The conference was organized by CHSNDT and hosted by Jiangyin Branch of The Institute of Safety Inspection of Special Equipment in Jiangsu Province. Shen Gongtian, Chairman of CHSNDT, Dai Guang, Vice Chairman of CHSNDT, Gu Jianping, Director of Jiangyin Branch of Jiangsu Province Special Equipment Safety Inspection Research Institute, and Li Wei, Chairman of the Professional Conference for Sound Launch And Testing, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Ji Jingyuan, Director-General of CHSNDT, Huang Xindong, Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Jiangyin City, and Wu Wei, Vice Chairman of Jiangyin Science and Technology Association, attended the meeting. More than 50 experts from national inspection and testing institutions, universities, research institutes, instrument manufacturers and other experts and vocal launch detection technology application units on behalf of more than 20 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Wei, President of the Professional Conference for Sound Launch Detection.

At the meeting, The President of the General Assembly, Li Wei, first conveyed the spirit of the 2019 Non-destructive Testing Chairman's Expanded Meeting, and discussed the work plan of the 2019 Sound Launch Testing Professional Conference. Members of the General Assembly, Zhang Junjiao, introduced the preparations for the 2019 World Sound Launch Conference (WACE-2019). Finally, the bid proposal will be introduced by the bid organization for the 18th National Sound Launch Symposium in 2020, and after all the members' vote, the meeting decided that Hebei University would host the 2020 National Acoustic Launch Symposium.

During the meeting, academic exchanges were held. Specially invited Shen Gongtian, chairman of the non-destructive testing branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, explained the current situation of sound launch standards in the United States, ASTM, THE European Union CEN, the International ISO and China's sound launch standards, and made an in-depth analysis of the development trend of sound launch standards at home and abroad, and put forward the future development direction of China's sound launch standards.

At the same time, the General Assembly also invited Liu Zhejun, Xu Yanting, Xu Fengxuan from aerospace, special equipment detection and structural health monitoring in the field of sound launch applications to do the keynote report of the Conference.

The conference also held a special academic seminar. Expertrepresentatives have conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on the problems and future development of sound launch in various fields of research applications, and achieved good results.

After the meeting, the General Assembly organized all members to Jiangsu ShuangLiang Energy Boiler Co., Ltd. to conduct field research, and technical personnel for special equipment detection in the application of sound transmission technology to carry out in-depth exchanges.

This sound launch detection professional conference, rich in content and closely follow the forefront of the industry, through communication to open up the use of sound launch technology, and for the next development of sound launch technology provides a reference direction. Through this testing conference effectively promote the industry enterprises, members of representatives between the benign communication, and actively promote the development of professional and technical. In the future, the professional conference of sound launch detection will play its own role, enrich the communication of sound launch technology, plan the future development route, and promote the high-quality and healthy development of sound launch technology in China.

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