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Minutes of Supervisors meeting from Authorized Training Institutions
Release Time:20/03/2015

Date: March 20, 2015
Location: Secretariat of the Society (100 Huihe Road, Shanghai)
Attendees: More than 40 members of the Institute's accrediting bodies and inspectors of authorized training institutions

Presiding: Director-General Xu Yongchang Director-General Xu Yongchang first introduced the evaluation of the Accreditation Body of the Institute by members of the International Conference of Non-destructive Testing from January 12 to January 16. The result of the review is that the evaluator is fully affirmed to our certification system and recommends that we pass it. In particular, we are greatly appreciated for the system of inspectors we have adopted. inspectors, on behalf of the certification bodies of the Society, exercise the duties of the certification bodies and supervise and manage the authorized training institutions (subcontracted) throughout the country. At the same time, we particularly appreciate our three unified policies (unified teaching materials, unified examination papers, unified test blocks), so as to achieve fairness and justice. We are required to make the accreditation body's Procedure Sits and related forms and notices available online. At the same time, the assessor pointed out that there are still many problems in the certification system of the Society. This time the corrective item is 31, in addition to a lot of very small text problems, but also need to add procedures. It shows that our work does have a lot to improve. Xu Yongchang highlighted 31 rectification opinions, and then the participants fully discussed. Finally, agree on what needs to be done now:

1. The Society should put a complete set of downloadable documents on the Internet, including: student application form (first, re, postpone application form), code of conduct, practice report, job guide, score sheet, and ISO9712-2012 standard. The application form (score summary form, non-destructive test personnel grade qualification training certificate, non-destructive test personnel examination examination paper examination form, proctor record form, examination record form, test block audit form) is provided by the training institution, etc. The Institute's certification body will no longer accept any form of form, so that the document table is nationally uniform.

2, The examination with the test block to take part of foreign imports, some of the test points from the original test block selection, but must pass the certification body sent staff after examination, number, the record can be used. 

3, Teaching materials by the Institute "Education Science and Technology Committee" responsible for the preparation, the current UT, MT, PT in the end, RT teaching materials are being prepared. Starting in January 2015, training institutions must use materials provided by the Institute's certification body. The certification body of the Society only charges the fee of the teaching materials free of mailing fees. In the Application Form Only, the following questions to note are: 4, each training point must be before the candidate to apply for the examination and candidates clear examination conditions, students must fill in the application form of the employer column to fill in the practice experience, directly apply for MT, PT-1 level, need to provide the employer recognized more than one month of practical experience. For those who apply directly for RT and UT-1 levels, the employer is required to provide 3 months of practical experience. Directly apply for the 2 level MT, PT (science and engineering major college or above), need to provide 4 months of practical work experience. Directly apply for level 2 RT, UT (science and engineering major college or above), need to provide more than 1 year of practical work experience proof.

4, Training institutions to fill in the training must be in accordance with the standard uniform provisions, such as MT, PT training should be 80 hours, RT, UT, 120 hours.

5, Vision examination must be entrusted to the person responsible, this person must be a hospital or unit infirmary authorization certificate or I get the hospital vision examination certificate, by the Institute certification body unified authorization. 

6, The application form on the second page of the examiner signed, the signature of the name of the examiner and the proctor must be the training institutions to the Institute certification body to provide the examiner roster of personnel, can also be signed by the inspector (after the examiner). The examiner's name may not appear on the teachers' register. The signature of the professional assembly is determined by the accreditation body of the Society. 

7, Inspectors in the first half of the organization of the examination (at least 3 months) to the Institute certification body to propose the class plan (non-destructive test personnel examination center examination plan), the first month before the examination to the Institute certification body to request the examination paper. The inspector is responsible for printing the examination papers and the examination papers. And by the inspector commissioned the examiner to read the paper. Each examination paper must be signed by the examiner and other examiners after review. inspectors must report to the Society Certification Body the use of the test block for this exam one month prior to the examination. For example, the number of tests imported and the number of domestic test blocks used. At the end of the examination, the inspector must be responsible for attaching the test block standard answer to the exam paper and sending it to the Society Certification Body. The inspector is responsible for the custody, confidential examination papers and examination blocks.

8, If the student passed the practice examination, the standard part of the theoretical examination score is 68 points, must have 2 examiner signature agreed to mention 2 points. 

9, Each training institution must have a certain amount of ultrasonic simulator, not less than 4. The practice time of the practical examination shall not be less than 16 hours.

10. Inspectors must help the certification body to do a good job of candidate feedback form, teacher and examiner annual assessment form distribution and collection work. 

The duties and tasks of the inspector are very much upsetting, and the Certification Body of the Society would like to express its sincere gratitude to the inspector for his work. I hope to be able to keep in touch with the certification bodies in the future. The division of labor of the certification body of the Society is as follows: Xu Yongchang certification body director, system professional assembly director. Zhu Yaqing, deputy director of the certification body, decided the director of the professional assembly. Ji Jingyuan training institution director, Wang Yingxuan training institutions deputy director, certification body director. Director of the Shi Tianmin Examination Center. Deputy Director of Zhou Jianye Examination Center. 

Note: Forms and notifications that need to be available online will be available online as a whole after the rectification.

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