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2018 China-U.S. Nondestructive Testing Technology Seminar and ASNT Shanghai Division 3rd Annual Meeting
Release Time:14/11/2018

The 2018 China-U.S. Nondestructive Testing Technology Seminar and the 3rd Annual Meeting of ASNT Shanghai Branch were held successfully on November 1, 2018 at the Shanghai Huaxia Hotel, attended by more than 60 people, including ASNT members and non-member representatives from all over the country, experts and scholars from the non-destructive testing industry, and manufacturers of equipment and equipment.

The meeting officially began at 9:00 a.m. on November 1, and the opening ceremony was officially opened under the auspices of Ms. Wang Yingyun, Secretary of ASNT Shanghai, and Mr. Wang Lu, Vice Chairman of ASNT Shanghai Division, delivered a welcoming speech.

Opening Ceremony Hosted by Ms. Wang Yingyun

Mr. Wang Lu, Vice Chairman of ASNT Shanghai

A total of 12 experts and manufacturers were invited to give academic presentations and academic exchanges in four major parts. The first part is chaired by Professor Xu Chunguang of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Zhou Zhenggan of BEIHANG University gives a report on "The Development and Application of Phased Array Ultrasound Detection Process" and the Report by Researcher Lin Junming of Eddysun (Xiamen) Electronics Co., Ltd. on "Health and Safety of Major Facilities in Service - Research and Application Prospects of Monitoring Technology in Cloud", Former Professor Xia Jizhen of Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai, gave a report on "Discussion on several issues in the application of TOFD detection technology".

Professor Xu Chunguang

Professor Zhou Zhenggan

Researcher Lin Junming

Professor Xia Jizhen

The second part is presided over by Professor Xia Jizhen of Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai, Zheng Gangbing Senior Engineer of Hangzhou Huaxin Testing Technology Co., Ltd. to reported on "Steel Structure Bridge Residual Stress Ultrasound Detection and In Sit-in Regulation Technology", Jin Lei Engineer of Yantai CIMC Raffles, reported "An introduction to the process approval requirements of ultrasonic phased array in the marine industry" and a report by Professor Gu Fuming of Shanghai Institute of Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Technology "thinking on welding quality assurance based on AWS standards".

Senior Engineer Zheng Gangbing

Engineer Jin Lei

Professor Gu Fuming

After lunch, the participants visited the 23rd China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition at the Shanghai Guangda Convention and Exhibition Center. The afternoon electromagnetic testreport session was presided over by Professor Chen Zhenmao of Xi'an Jiaotong University, senior engineer of China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute Yu Yue made a report "non-destructive detection status monitoring", and Han Xiangwen senior engineer of Shanghai UNINDT Co., Ltd. made a report "Pulse Vortex Detection Technology (PECT)", "Application of vortex array technology in stress corrosion detection" is a report by Liu Pei Application Manager of OLYMPUS.

Professor Chen Zhenmao

Senior Engineer Yu Yue

Senior Engineer Han Xiangwen

Application Manager Liu Pei

The afternoon tea break coincided with the closing ceremony of the 11th Annual Meeting of the Nondestructive Testing Branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, and all delegates to the annual meeting of ASNT Shanghai Attended the Closing Ceremony at the International Hotel of shanghai Guangda Convention and Exhibition Center. After the closing ceremony, continue the fourth part of the ultrasound testreport special session, by ASNT Shanghai Division Project Deputy Director Mr. Wu Jun presided over, DNVGL (China) Co., Ltd. Hu Wenjie senior engineer reported "stainless steel weld climbing wave detection capability discussion", Suzhou Mawson Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. Mozun senior engineer report" Application of synthetic aperture ultrasonic focustechnology", GE Zhong Dehuang Technical Manager to report "The Digital Trends of Phased Array Detection."

Mr. Wu Jun

Senior Engineer Hu Wenjie

Senior Engineer Mo suen

Technical Manager Zhong Dehuang

2018 Sino-US Nondestructive Testing Technology Seminar and ASNT Shanghai Division 3rd Annual Meeting was successfully concluded at 17:30 pm, the meeting was completely succeeded to close!

ASNT Shanghai
November 13, 2018

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