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Interview with Mr. Shen Gongtian: Successful application to ISO/TC135/SC9 Secretariat Contributor
Release Time:23/05/2018

 On June 30, 2017, by the ISO/TC 135 International Organization for Standardization of Non-destructive Testing Technology Professional Assembly of all members vote, the high vote through China to become ISO/TC 135/SC 9 (sound launch testing) International Standardization Sub-Technical Professional Conference Secretariat, at the same time, the Chinese Special Inspection Institute became ISO/TC 135/SC 9 Secretariat, 15 August 2017 by ISO/TC 135/SC 9 all members voted, unanimously approved President Shen Gongtian as The Chairman of the Sub-Professional President. In addition, 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering Non-destructive Testing Branch, and this opportunity was taken to include An exclusive interview with Mr. Shen Gongtian, Vice President of the China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute and Chairman of the Non-destructive Testing Branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering. 

Q: China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute is China's first in the field of sound launch, you lead the team for many years to carry out sound launch detection technology-related research work, has achieved a number of major achievements and won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards, and china's special inspection institute in 2017 became ISO/TC 135/SC 9 The assumption unit of the Secretariat. May I ask is in what opportunity, the Chinese Special Inspection Institute to the ISO/TC 135 Secretariat submitted the commitment of the country's application? What far-reaching impact will be on our country to become a committing country to the Secretariat? What are the main elements of the secretariat's work next year?
Shen GongTian: In November 2016, ISO/TC 135/SC 9, the former assume of the Secretariat, Brazil, offered to give up its work as the secretariat, and ISO/TC 135 immediately publicly solicited the SC 9 Secretariat undertaker. When I saw the news, when the decision was made, the application was sent to the ISO/TC 135 secretariat at the first time and China expressed its willingness to assume the work of the SC 9 Secretariat. Behind this bold decision is China's self-confidence and responsibility in the field of sound launch detection, the Society for Non-destructive Testing and the Chinese Academy of Special Inspection scoured in 2011 launched and formed the International Sound Launch Society, and has been actively participating in the international standardization of the work and activities, in the field of international sound launch has a high impact Our hospital has been carrying out research work in the field of sound launch detection for more than 30 years, has achieved many major achievements and won many awards such as the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and this time was elected by 38 votes in 40 voting organizations, which also fully illustrates the recognition of the work of the western industrial developed countries in the field of sound launch detection in China. China's Special Inspection Court to assume ISO/TC 135/SC 9 Secretariat and I as the President of the Professional Assembly, will make our country in-depth understanding of the international non-destructive testing standards to the world has great strategic significance, will also make our country and the rest of the world together to promote the prosperity and development of the non-destructive testing industry. In 2018, the Secretariat will promote the proposal of international standards for sound launch detection of pressure vessels and pressure tanks in china, so that our country can play a greater role in the field of sound launch detection in the world.

Q: In 2017, what are the major events and hot spots in China's non-destructive testing industry? As a large country of non-destructive testing, what international field of non-destructive testing is China's participation in?
Shen GongTian: In 2017, China's non-destructive testing industry in the major domestic events are: completed the "China's non-destructive testing 2025 technology development road map" of the preparation work, The Professional Conference on ElectromagneticS of the Society of Non-destructive Testing successfully completed the preparation and publication of the "12th Five-Year Plan" for the National Key Book Publishing Project "Modern Electromagnetic Non-destructive Testing Academic Series" (6 books), In August 2017, the National Society for Non-destructive Testing electromagnetic professional and technical conference held the 10th four meetings and electromagnetic testing technology seminar, october 2017 magnetic powder penetration professional conference in Jining, Shandong Province held the 11th Annual National Magnetic Powder Penetration Technology Conference; The Conference on Education and Training and Science Work conducted the evaluation and award of the "SINAITE Outstanding Student Award" and "SINAITE Outstanding Postgraduate Award" from May to July 2017. The 3rd National University Non-destructive Testing (Ultrasound) Skills Competition was held at Nanchang Aviation University in November 2017, the "China Ultrasound Testing Conference" was held in Baotou in August 2017, and the Radial Professional Conference was held in Shanghai in October 2017. National Advanced Seminar on Digital Ray Detection Technology", Stress Testing Professional Conference held "Stress Detection Technology Training Course" in Shenyang in November 2017, and the Professional Conference on Sound Launch held a working meeting in Xi'an in October 2017, which completed the 2018 Professional Conference on Sound Launch Annual re-election related matters. 

In 2017, the main events in international exchanges and cooperation on non-destructive testing were: the World Voice Launch Conference 2017 was held in Xi'an, China, in October 2017. WCAE-2017), 92 delegates from 10 countries attended the meeting, received a total of 73 abstracts of academic papers, including 41 oral reports, during the meeting held at the same time the International Sound Launch Society (ISAE) member conference, Elected a second council and executive professional meeting of 14 people from 9 countries, I served as Honorary Chairman, Mr. Liu Shifeng as Vice Chairman, Li Guanghai Researcher as Director-General, the meeting decided that WCAE-2019 will be held in Guangzhou, China in 2019. In November 2017, I attended the 15th Asia-Pacific Nondestructive Testing Conference in Singapore and made a special presentation on pulse dystour detection technology at the conference, which was attended by about 1,000 delegates and about 230 delegates from China. Among them, there are more than 60 papers from China, a total of 75 exhibitors, including 22 Chinese exhibitors, accounting for 30% of the total size of exhibitors, followed by 9 Singapore exhibitors, 6 American/UK exhibitors, 5 German exhibitors and other national exhibitors.

Q: 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering Non-destructive Testing Branch, on this occasion, please talk about the 40 years of the Institute's development process, and its future prospects.  What memorable events will the Society hold in 2018?

Shen GongTian: 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Non-destructive Testing Branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, the development of the Society of Non-destructive Testing is closely related to the development and achievements made since China's reform and opening-up. In the 40 years since the founding of the Society in 1978, the Society has carried out international and domestic academic exchanges, organized various types, different levels and different forms of academic exchange activities, carried out non-destructive testing personnel training and qualification, organized engineering testing, international visits, technical advice, technical education, "non-destructive testing" Magazine publishing and other large-scale work, in order to promote and promote the development of China's non-destructive testing has made brilliant achievements. Important commemorative activities for the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Society in 2018 include: carrying out a series of declared activities of "China 2025 Road map for the development of non-destructive testing technology", carrying out the 11th Professional Congress, holding the 11th annual meeting (held every 4 to 5 years) and holding the "100 People Award" event. At the same time, the Council of the Institute requires all professional conferences to work on the objectives, to formulate specific work plans, so that professional work "goals more concentrated, more focused, more obvious results", and to summarize the new progress in various professional fields, new results, reflecting the academic, forward-looking, forward-looking and authoritative development of the various professions, Leading the innovation and development of china's non-destructive testing technology and non-destructive testing industry. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of China's road map for the development of non-destructive testing technology, in order to achieve the goal of "China's non-destructive testing technology 2025", we need to be realistic, face reality, speed up the pace, focus on practical work.
In addition to the above priorities, 2018 will continue to do the following work, in order to further achieve the "China non-destructive testing 2025" goal.
1, continue to do a good job at all levels of academic exchanges, improve quality, pay attention to practical results, cultivate brands, to create quality.
2, adhere to the service enterprises and industries, relying on all kinds of activity platforms, to promote the combination of production, research and development.
3, adhere to do a good job of professional certification (non-destructive testperson qualification), do a good job of coordination, serious implementation.
4. Further improve international exchanges and cooperation, improve the international level and influence of the institute's activities.
5, to further improve the quality of the journal of non-destructive testing. 6. Continue to promote the development of non-destructive testing education and training.

Q: It is reported that the industry's attention to the "China 2025 non-destructive testing technology development road map" has been completed, please introduce the "road map" later in the publication work, as well as related organization of publicity activities.

Shen GongTian: China 2025 Non-destructive Testing Technology Development Roadmap editing work has been completed, China Science Press will be officially published in May 2018, after the road map published, the Institute of Non-destructive Testing will organize a series of advocacy classes throughout the country, invited the drafting group's main authors to carry out a series of publicity and seminaractivities, while in the "non-destructive testing" The magazine organized a special topic to cover the overall strategic objectives, key tasks and measures of China's 2025 Road map for the development of non-destructive testing technology. The organization of industry-wide preparation of the "Non-destructive Testing 2025 Technology Development Roadmap" is mainly intended to:
1, for all levels of government to formulate the "13th Five-Year Plan" and medium- and long-term development planning to provide reference;
2, for the relevant industry authorities to formulate the "13th Five-Year Plan" and medium- and long-term development planning to provide reference;
3, for the national non-destructive testing colleges and research institutes to declare scientific research projects to provide reference;
4, for the national non-destructive testing equipment manufacturing units and testing service agencies to develop work planning to provide reference;
5, for non-destructive testing of publicity. Combined with the current situation, development and application of China's non-destructive testing technology and its application needs, not only to meet the requirements of "Made in China 2025", but also reflect the characteristics of non-destructive testing technology itself, but also to provide guidance for the development of china's non-destructive testing technology, has important significance.

Shen GongTian, Ph.D., Researcher, National "10,000 People Plan" science and technology leaders, national "10million talent skilled engineering" national talents, the State Council awarded special subsidies to the government experts, the State Administration of Quality Inspection outstanding young and middle-aged experts. He is currently the Vice President of the China Institute of Special Equipment Testing, honorary chairman of the International Sound Launch Ingenuity Society, chairman of the Sound Launch Sub-Professional Conference (ISO/TC135/SC9) of the International Organization for Standardization Professional Conference, executive director of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering and chairman of the non-destructive testing branch. National amusement facilities and ropeway standardization technology professional assembly chairman, the national non-destructive testing standardization technical professional assembly chairman, the State Administration of Quality Inspection Science and Technology Committee special equipment professional committee director. Lead the development of international standards 3, national and industry standards 32.
Won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress 3, provincial and ministerial science and technology progress first prize 7, published 3 monographs, published more than 160 papers in important publications at home and abroad, he cited more than 3400 times.

Interview report by the editorial department of "Non-destructive Testing"

Source: "2017 China Annual Report on Non-destructive Testing"

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