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American Society for Nondestructive Testing visited Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing for further cooperation
Release Time:07/09/2016

Arny Bereson, the Secretary General from American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), and Mary Potter, the ASNT Financial Controller, visited Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing (ChSNDT) for further cooperation from Sep. 8th to 9th., 2016. During this visit, both sides reached a consensus about ASNT 3-level computer examination in China, including ASNT application, training, fee and so on. Deputies from ASNT and ChSNDT joined in the meeting, they are Arny Bereson, ASNT Secretary General, Mary Potter, ASNT Financial Controller, John Kinsey, ASNT Examination Committee Chairman, Xu Yongchang, ChSNDT Secretary General, Ji Jingyuan, ChSNDT Deputy Secretary General, Zhu Yaqing, ChSNDT former Deputy Secretary General and ASNT Shanghai Branch Treasury, Wang Yingyun, ChSNDT Secretary, Wang Lu, ASNT Shanghai Branch Secretary and the interpreter Wu Yanzhen.

In the meeting, Xu Yongchang, the ChSNDT Secretary General, warmly welcomed ASNT for this visit. He expressed that ChSNDT, as the National Sponsoring Organization (NSO) of ASNT, would like to support ASNT for the ASNT 3-level computer examination in China. Then ChSNDT secretary Wang Yingyun introduced ChSNDT. She clarified the cooperation way with ASNT and pointed out the problems in current situation. After that, Mary Potter, the ASNT financial controller, introduced how to run the ASNT computer examination which needed to cooperate with the computer company Pearson VUE. And all hardware, software and security measures in the ASNT computer examination shall meet the requirements of Pearson VUE. Besides, Mary Potter presented how to apply and pay for this examination in the internet, and he also said ASNT would modify some ASNT internet information according to China’s situation. After discussion, both sides agreed that ChSNDT and ASNT would continue to cooperate in further ASNT 3-level computer examination. ChSNDT would provide the hardware, software and all relevant security equipment according to ASNT and Pearson VUE requirements. China applicants shall apply the examination in ASNT internet. ChSNDT would check applicants’ education background and working experiences, and collect on examination fees for ASNT. From next year, ChSNDT would carry out 2 times ASNT 3-level examination every week.

During the meeting, deputies from ASNT and ChSNDT also discussed about how to run the ASNT Shanghai Branch in a better way, and specified the functions of Shanghai Branch in details. Both sides reached a consensus that Shanghai Branch would played a role for undertaking the ASNT membership service and training services, carrying out meetings and academic seminar, as well as selling ASNT books and extending certificate for ASNT 3-level trainees. In order to play such platform in a better way, ASNT and ChSNDT established Shanghai Society Testing Technology Service Co.,Ltd. which would provide relevant services to Shanghai Branch.

Deputies from ASNT and ChSNDT visited the Pearson VUE examination center in Hankou Road around 10am on Sep. 9th. This visit helped deputies to understand the computer examination and provided references for ChSNDT in computer examination.

After that, ASNT and ChSNDT signed the contract for future cooperation which marked a wonderful ending for this meeting.

Chinese Society for Non-destructive Testing
                                                                                                                Sep. 12th, 2016

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