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100 Outstanding People Award
Release Time:03/08/2015

In order to recognize in the 30 years of the establishment of the Society (1978-2008), the field of non-destructive testing in the field of scientific research, education and training, engineering testing and the work of the institute emerged from the outstanding talent, in 2009 the 9th Annual Non-destructive Testing Conference recognized 108 people won the first "100 People Award" The non-destructive testing workers, they received awards and bonuses.
As an important work of the Society, the 10th Annual Meeting announced the "100 Outstanding People Award" recognition regulations, so that the award work is regular. According to the Regulation, the "100 People Award" established six awards: Lifetime Achievement Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Special Contribution Award, Youth Science and Technology Award, Youth Outstanding Paper Award of the Annual Meeting of the Society of Non-destructive Testing, Advanced Worker Award of the Society of Non-destructive Testing.

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