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Laser Holography
Release Time:03/09/2015

Holography refers to a new photographic technique recording all the information including the amplitude and the phase of reflected waves from an object. Ordinary photography is to record the light intensity distribution on the surface of object. It cannot record the phase information of the reflected light of an object, and thus losing the stereoscopic effect. Holography adopts the laser as the illumination source and divides the light emitted by the light source into two beams, one of which is directed toward the photosensitive sheet and the other of which is reflected by the object before being directed to the photosensitive sheet. Two beams of light superimposed on the photosensitive sheet interfere with each other, the sensitivity of the light-sensitive film on the point are changed with the strength of the two beams and the different phase relationship. Therefore, holographic recording not only reflects the intensity of the object, but also recorded the phase information. The human eye directly observing this photosensitive film can only see the interference fringes similar to fingerprints, but if you use the laser to illuminate it, you can see the original object was photographed on the film with the same three-dimensional images using the human eye. Even with only a small portion of a hologram, you can still reproduce all the scenery. Holography can be used in many industries such as non-destructive testing, ultrasound holography, holographic microscopy, holographic memory, holographic film and television. The principle of generating holograms dates back 300 years and some people experimented with poorer coherent sources, but it was not until 1960 that the laser was invented - the best coherent light source - and holograms grew faster.

Laser holography is a new technology that has been reputed as a miracle of the 20th century. Its principle was discovered in 1947 by the Hungarian British physicist Denis Gabor, which is totally different from the ordinary photographic principle. Until 10 years later holograms were invented by American physicist Leff and Pat Paticks. It can be said that holography is a combination of information storage and laser technology. 

Laser holography consists of two steps: recording and reproduction.

1. Holographic recording process is: the laser beam is divided into two beams; a laser directly onto the photosensitive film, known as the reference beam; the other laser beam projected on the object, the object reflection or transmission, carrying the object of information, Called the light beam. The light beam is also projected in the same area of the photosensitive film., the light beam and the reference beam coherently superimposed on the photosensitive film, which forms interference fringes and completed a hologram.

2. The holographic method of reproduction is to illuminate the hologram with a laser beam whose frequency and direction of transmission should be exactly the same as the reference beam, thus a stereoscopic image of the object can be reproduced. From different perspectives, people can see the different sides of the object as if they were watching the real object, but they cannot touch the real object.

Holographic imaging is significant technology, holography and conventional photography is different from the film is not recorded on the three-dimensional object of the plane image, but the light field itself. The conventional photography records only the change of the light intensity of the surface of the photographed object, that is only the light amplitude is recorded. The hologram records all the information of the light wave, the light wave phase is recorded besides the amplitude. Therefore, all the light wave field information of the three-dimensional object is saved in the recording medium.

The holographic principle is that "a system can in principle be fully described by some degree of freedom on its boundaries", which is based on a new basic principle proposed by the quantum nature of black holes. In fact, this basic principle is related to the combination of quantum elements and quantum bits of quantum theory. Its mathematical proof is, how many dimensions that space and time contains, how much quantum elements exist; how many quantum elements exist, how many quantum bits(qubits) exist. They form together a spatiotemporal finite set of matrices that are similar, ie, their permutation set. Holographic incomplete, is to say that the number of election arrangements, the election set and election the whole election has duality. That is the holographic property of space-time in a certain dimension is completely equivalent to the number-per-hologram of one qubit, which is similar to the principle of quantum error-averse coding and fundamentally solves the systematic calculation error caused by coding errors in quantum computation. The quantum computation of space-time, similar to the double-helix coding of biological DNA double-helix structure, is a quantum computer that real and imaginary, positive and negative dual conjugate code together. This can be called "biological space-time science", of which the "entropy" is also similar to "macro-entropy", not only refers to the degree of confusion, but also refers to a range. Time refers to a specified range? From "derived from life," it should refer to a specified range. Therefore, all the locations and times are referred to a specified range. The location "entropy" is the area "entropy" and the time "entropy" is the thermodynamic arrow "entropy". Secondary, the space and time is similar to a binary arrangement of an N-number and an N-number qubit has a binary arrangement similar to the determinant or matrix of N-number rows and N-numbers, one difference is the quaternion of the N and Q qubits has one less qubit than the quasi-holographic principle. The binary ordering of the N and N qubits is an integrable system, and can any kinetic principles be characterized by low A quantum bit similar to the N-line and N-series determinants or matrix field theory to describe? Mathematically, it may be proved or explored.

1, anti-Dexter space, that is, point, line, in-plane space, is integrable, because the point, line, in-plane space and point, line, the junction of the outer space tends to "zero" or "zero Can "zero, which is an integrable system, any of its dynamics can have a low one-dimensional field theory to accords with. That is to say, due to the symmetry of the anti-Dexter space, the symmetry in the field theory of point, line and in-plane space is greater than the Lorentz symmetry in the original point, line and out of plane space; this relatively large symmetrical group called conformal symmetry group. Of course, this can be eliminated by changing the geometry of the interior of the anti-Dionysian space so that there is no conformal symmetry for equivalent field theory. This can be called new conformal conformality. If you think of Madinah space as a "space outside the point", the general "space outside the point" or "space inside the point" can also be considered as a sphere-like space. The anti-Dexter space, that is, the "space inside the point" is a special limit in field theory. The classical gravitation and quantum fluctuation effect of "space inside a point" is very complicated in the calculation of string theory, and the calculation can only be made under a limit. For example, the orbital mass space orbital cosmic-mass orbital circle above the rate of skyrocketing, which is 8.88 times of the speed of light, which is made on the assumption of some limitation. Under these kinds of limitations, the "intra-point space" transitions to a new space-time, or pp-wave background, which accurately computes the spectrum of multiple states of the cosmic string, thus we can calculate the physical anomalous scaling index of some operators in mass spectrum calculation with the reflection of the dual field theory.

2, The trick is that chords are not made up of a finite number of quantum cells. To get the chord in the usual sense, the ring quantum limit must be chosen as the limit at which the length does not tend to zero. Each chord of loop quantum coupled by wire spins can be subdivided into -33 centimeter squared, thus the number of micro-units does not tend to infinity, so that the physical quantities corresponding to the strings themselves, such as energy momentum, are limited. In the constructor of presence, if we want to get the string state in the background of pp wave, we just need use this limit. Thus the micro-cell model is a universal structure becomes clear. Under the special background of pp wave, the corresponding description of field theory is also an integrable system.

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