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Infrared Thermography Technology
Release Time:07/09/2015

What is infrared thermography? 

Definition of Infrared Thermography: Infrared thermography refers to an apparatus or method for detecting the infrared energy emitted by an object, converting the infrared energy into temperature, and displaying the resulting temperature distribution image. To be more precise, infrared thermography should be referred to infrared thermal imaging equipment, namely Infrared Microscopy Camera, and infrared thermal imaging method, that is, Infrared Thermography.  


Features of infrared thermal imaging equipment

The infrared thermal imaging device detects the temperature distribution on the surface of an object and displays it in a visible image while measuring the temperature from a distance without touching the object. This temperature can be measured in real time.   

The advantages of infrared thermal imaging equipment 

A wide range of surface temperature distribution can be relatively compared. 

It's easy to measure the temperature of a moving object or an object at risk of approach. 

Temperature can be measured on small objects without confusion. 

The temperature can be measured while keeping food, medicine and chemicals hygienic. 

It measures the temperature of an object that experiences a dramatic temperature change or has some appearance in the short term.

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